As an Electrical Engineer, I have spent 25+ years in power field that include industrial distribution, gas, steam, hydro, wind, solar, and battery storage. Starting my career as a power plant operator while in graduate school allowed me to learn how to bridge the practical to the theoretical. My effectiveness isĀ  dissecting down to the core needs and focusing on navigating the constraints.

Even though I remember blue prints being blue and learned drafting with a pencil, keeping pace with evolving technologies, and requirements is a necessity to be effective. This personal investment of keeping fresh includes exchanging information and ideas through speaking at professional conferences and university student mentoring.

During my career tenure, I have also taken the time to develop deep contacts which includes a core infrastructure of Subject Matter Experts also available to you. The cross discipline bench has a combined 200+ years of professional experience. Covering expertise from safety, power systems, construction management to mechanical, civil, and environmental.

Acting as a small consulting firm allows adaptation to be nimble to your needs without getting lost in scope creep and maintain focus on the end result. Also this makes Silvernail Engineering a good fit to support technical gaps specific to your needs without all the overhead and extras.

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Franklin D. Silvernail, PE
PO Box 151
Niagara Falls, NY 14304